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is under constant pressure to:

Reduce cost / increase savings

Reduce supply risks with enforced compliance to quality standards

Increase process efficiency

Implement Sourcing strategies

  • Corporate mandate to reduce cost and increase savings

  • Need to reduce the complexity and process time of the source to settle processes

  • Increased pressure for regulatory and internal compliance to contracts

  • Need to improve visibility to enterprise spend across the organization

Source: Aberdeen Group, March 2017. Business Pressures for Sourcing and Procurement


Companies without SW support for Sourcing and Contracting


Mid and Large size companies

Target Industries:

    • Insurance companies
    • Banks Utilities
    • Automotive / Manufacturing
To equip their company with:

Next generation tools for smarter negotiation

System to improve supplier compliance, data accuracy, and visibility

Superior contract lifecycle management

Real-time insight – business intelligence


Next generation system for implementing sourcing strategies, managing supply risk and encouraging supplier engagement.

Enables collaborative contract creation, tracking and compliance

Enables real-time analytics


Enables online RFQs, Auctions, bid evaluation & Awarding

Reduces complexity and process time


Business Analysis & Implementation0%
Support & Assistance0%


All included - No upfront or hidden costs

All included - No upfront or hidden costs

Electronic Bid Submittal

Electronic Bid Submittal

No infrastructure required

No infrastructure required

Faster Bid Analysis and Ranking

Faster Bid Analysis and Ranking

Fast return on value

Fast return on value

Supplier Engagement Through Self-Service Capabilities

Supplier Engagement Through Self-Service Capabilities

Standardized Sourcing Processes

Standardized Sourcing Processes

Enforced legal compliance

Enforced legal compliance

Shorter RFQ Preparation

Shorter RFQ Preparation

Immediate Cost Savings

Immediate Cost Savings

We know procurement best practices

We know procurement best practices

Extensive Business Knowledge - Fast Implementation

Extensive Business Knowledge - Fast Implementation


We are passionate about providing you with a wide range of fresh.
  • Silver

    • Sourcing (RFx and Auctions)
    • Supplier portal
    • BI Analitics
    • Social network

    2.222,22 € / month * 36 months

    24.000,00 € / year * 3 years

    64.000,00 € / 3 years


Sourcing FEATURES:

Preparation of RFQ, RFQ and Auctions

Define scoring criteria (scores and weights)

Predefined RFx templates

Team preparation and scoring

Online supplier invitation and colaboration

E-mail integration

XLS integration

Automatic score calculation

Award recommendation

Supplier Portal FEATURES:

Supplier registration and approval

Supplier profile maintenance

Online quote submission

Business Intelligence FEATURES:

Sourcing Analytics

Supplier Analytics

Social Network FEATURES:

Discussions stored and linked to specific document (e-mail replacement)

Internal and communication with supplier Outlook Integration


Lower costs

Collaborate for better results

Enhance negotiation strategies

Streamline supplier negotiation process

Drive competitive behavior from suppliers

Minimize training and ongoing support

Determine best award decisions

  • Gold

    • Silver package
    • +
    • Supplier Qualification Management
    • .

    3.055,56 € / month * 36 months

    33.000,00 € / year * 3 years

    88.000,00 € / 3 years


Silver Package FEATURES + Supplier Qualification Management FEATURES:

Manage important supplier qualification information

Organize supplier data into meaningful qualifications

Survey suppliers with easy-to-use online questionnaires

Save questions in your library for future re-use

Evaluate specific qualification areas and assess suppliers

Score suppliers automatically based on predefined criteria

Leverage internal and external data sources

Use qualification data in supplier research and RFx invitation lists

Take actions to respond to recent activity

Receive alerts when relevant supplier information becomes available

Receive early notifications on expiring qualifications


Silver Package Benefits + Supplier Qualification Management Benefits:

Ensure suppliers comply with corporate policies

Improve visibility to key supplier characteristics and capabilities

Reduce risk of supplier-related issues

Improve sourcing decisions by considering relevant supplier factors

  • Platinum

    • Gold package
    • +
    • Contract Management
    • .

    4.166,67 € / month * 36 months

    45.000,00 € / year * 3 years

    96.000,00 € / 3 years


Gold Package FEATURES + Contract Management FEATURES:

Enterprise contract management

Guided procurement contract creation

Drag and drop contract authoring

Deliverable tracking

Microsoft Word add-in for improved authoring and collaboration

Contract deviations management

Fully searchable repository

Amendments tracking

Renewal notifications

Digital signatures


Gold Package Benefits + Contract Management Benefits:

Streamline contract creation

Gain visibility into agreements

Ensure policy compliance

Reduce risk

Shorten cycle-times

+ OPTIONAL: Integration service as an Add-on for all three packages (request for an offer)
Process automation, supplier engagement and compliance


NOTE: Package prices include implementation services of each solution. Oracle Cloud subscription prices are not part of the packages.


On premises solution:

Require IT teams and infrastructure

Require manual patching and upgrades

Require manual backup

Require data security management and protocols

Niche vendors:

Limited integration capabilities

Unable to deliver modern features like Social, AI/machine-learning/chatbots

Unable to extend to other business functions like HCM, CX, Project Management, Innovation Management, etc.

Lack of local support


Krsko Nuclear Power Plant

“We have been using Oracle Procurement Cloud solution since April 2018. Vendors are now delivering quotations electronically, thus enabling procurement department to focus on strategic tasks rather than data entry. As a nuclear object, we are dedicated to safety and reliability. Oracle convinced us that they can deliver their Cloud services according to the highest industry standards.”


Franc Skaler, CIO, Krsko Nuclear Power Plant


Founded in 20060%
International Group of Consultants0%
Specialized in Oracle Business Applications0%
More than 100 Man-Year Experience with IT System Implementation Projects0%
Our mission: To become the leading regional partner for Oracle Cloud applications


Attend the next solution demo
Refine integration requirements and roll out planning
Ordering process and portal account setup
Internal kick-off and users and management training


For any subscription signed off before 31-December-2021 get additional:

15% discount for 3 year subscription period

8% discount for 1 year subscription period